Friday, December 7, 2012

How kind!!

クリスマスプレゼントっすか? なんにせよ、あ、ありがとう。

Received the parts with many stickers from UK.
Christmas presents? Thanks!


There is a discription that A bat is from hell.
I wouldn't have imagined where the bat was from if no discription.
Vey kind sticker!! Appriciate it!!

By the way, another T100R motor was found in US....
 US is R heaven!


Quaffmeister said...

The US is home of the R, it is amazing that only 142 bikes plus ten spare engines were produced nearly 60 years ago and yet they still show up!

Not here though ;-(

gsz77 said...


Yeah true. Absolutely amazing!
Where are the frames for T100R btw?
I know the guy who has legit frames
but I've never heard that legit frames for T100R show up.
Are they still to be found ...somewhere?